Vance Avenue Youth and Development Center (VAYDC) was organized and chartered March 24, 1994. This center was established to enhance the learning potential of youth in the Memphis community and its surrounding areas. The children and youth that attend our center are usually from poverty stricken.

Our Mission is to help underprivileged children and youth by maximizing their learning potential through programs that reinforce core academics studies, healthy living, high self-esteem, decision-making, and alcohol and drug prevention.

Our Programs are designed to provide youth constructive physical and mental stimulating activities in a safe environment. Recognizing that the spirit and body requires nourishment as well as the mind. The center provides children and teens with hot meals, snacks, clothing, and other necessary items.


VAYDC provides teachings in the development of essential basic life skills such as self-esteem, self image, effective decision making, computer skills, job training, and drug and alcohol abuse prevention.